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The City Quarter Precinct

City Quarter is a growing community located in the heart of Camperdown on the site that was formerly the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children. The site is rich in heritage and contains a number of mementos of its historical roots (see history sub-page 1). 

We have a number of facilities available for residents including an indoor pool and gym in Alexandra and an outdoor pool and gym in the Trio complex. There are also business tenants such as cafés, a restaurant and convenience store that are open to the public on the ground floor of Vie 1 and Vie 2. 

Adjacent to City Quarter, and forming the northern boundary, there is an area of natural habitat that encompasses Orphan School Creek. This area was remediated as part of the development approval for City Quarter and is planted with species native to the Blackwattle Creek area. It is managed by the Sydney City Council.


Within the precinct there are over 1,000 apartments and 13 townhouses. Each of our buildings has its own Strata Plan managed by their Owners Corporation through an Executive Committee of up to nine members elected at their Annual General Meeting. Each Strata also has a Building Manager and a Strata Manager. Each Strata has its own set of by-laws that govern the management of the building, the responsibilities of the Owners Corporation and its Executive Committee.

The buildings that comprise City Quarter are:

  • Etage
  • Aquilon
  • Venables
  • Vie 1, 2 & 3
  • Vie 4 & 5
  • The Terraces
  • Alexandra
  • Trio South
  • Trio Central
  • Trio North
  • Altro

See our Site Plan.

The Community Association 

The City Quarter site is regulated by a body known as the Community Association (CA). The CA is comprised of 9 representatives drawn from the representatives elected by each strata plan and meets each quarter to consider such items as the Architectural Code for the City Quarter site and the administration of property common to the entire site.

The Community Management Statement sets out the rules that cover the entire site and are similar to by-laws for a strata plan, registered at the NSW Department of Lands in a similar way. These cannot be overridden by member strata plan by-laws. An example of a community by-law is the rule governing pets.

For more information on community schemes, see the NSW Department of Fair Trading’s Living in a Community Scheme guide.

The Community Association is responsible for the management of the common areas across the whole site. This includes the provision of security services and cleaning, gardening and maintenance of the facilities that are used by all residents, including the pools, gyms, walkways, Village Green, the Boulevard and Sterling Circuit. 

The Community Association has its own Strata Manager and Building Manager and its duties and responsibilities are set out in the Community Management Statement which are similar to the by-laws for a strata plan 

For more information on Strata Plans, community schemes and by-laws, see the Fair Trading NSW website

Have Something To Say?
There are many ways you can contribute to our community and get involved:
  • speak or write to your building strata manager.
  • speak or write to your executive committee.
  • drop something in your body corporate letterbox.
  • attend meetings especially the annual general meeting.

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