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Security and Patrols

Yates Security - ON-SITE 24 hour 7 days a week Security - 0403 593 378

Yates Security provide on-site 24/7 security for the City Quarter precinct. They are located in the Vie 2 building 
office to the right of the main entrance of Vie 2 or on regular patrols throughout the complex.

The Security Guards undertake regular random patrols throughout all b
uildings, car parks, common areas, pools, gyms  
and roads ways in the City Quarter complex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Security can be reached onsite at 0403 593 378 or through their commercial number on 131 911

It is a good idea to add these numbers to your mobile phone and on your refrigerator or notice board at home. 

   24 hour - CCTV is in use across the City Quarter    

We would like to discourage the mindset that security is the sole responsibility of the security patrols. Residents can assist by  taking an active part in ensuring the building is secure: 
-     closing all doors when entering and leaving the building, 
-     do not allow unknown persons including delivery couriers to follow you into the building,
-     collect food and parcel deliveries at your buildings main entrance, do not just buzz them in, 
       you do not know who may follow them into the building,  
-     by not allowing cars to tailgate into the car park without swiping as they enter,
-     by reporting any suspicious people loitering in and around the building to security or the police. 

Please do not let people into the building who are not known to you. 
As an alternative, direct them to Security who can assist them further.

When entering or exiting the car parks, please wait to ensure the rollers shut and that no persons enter the car park behind you. There have been incidents of theft of and damage to vehicles in car parks and storage cages in the City Quarter.

Key Storage
Yates Security provide a key storage facility in the event of residents locking themselves out of their apartments.
To use this service, ring security to arrange meeting in the office
. You will need proof of identity and address,
both to register and to retrieve your keys. There is no charge for this service.
Security have access to all buildings and floors BUT not your apartment.

If you are locked out of your apartment and unable to ring security, the security office is located in the Vie 2 Building 
to the right of the main entrance or there is a Meeting Area at the entrance to indoor Gym. This area is patrolled hourly.