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Facilities Management

Facilities Management for the community is currently provided by Greencliff Facilities Management for the Community Association. Greencliff also provide Building Management services to many of the stratas.

Please note, the CA Facilities Manager only provides services regarding the CA lots, namely Club Trio Pool & Gym, Alexandra Pool & Gym, the Boulevard, the Village Green, and Sterling Circuit private road.

Greencliff has one manager on-site situated at Trio P1. He is the CA representative:

Mr Andrew Sorbello

02 9517 9495    business hours

If you notice a problem with the CA facilities that needs attention, you may contact Greencliff directly.

The CA Facilities Manager responsibilities include: (in relation to community property)

  • Maintenance of all common property including keys to CA facilities
  • Controlling access for on-site contractors to CA facilities
  • Controlling access for occupiers to CA facilities
  • Recording defects of CA facilities
  • Engaging contractors to rectify issues in CA facilities
  • Keeping records of all work performed in CA facilities
  • Coordination of cleaning, regular servicing and inspections of CA facilities
  • Replacing lamps in CA lots
  • Installing notices in CA lots
Please note: for issues related to your building or lot, please contact your own Building Manager.