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Our Rules & Regulations

Community Management Statement

The Community Management Statement (CMS) sets out the by-laws and rules that cover the entire site and are similar to
by-laws for a strata scheme. The CMS by-laws cannot be overridden by member strata scheme by-laws. An example of a community by-law is the rule governing pets.

The Community Management Statement (CMS) is registered with the NSW Department of Lands and form the by-laws of the
City Quarter Community Association.

The Community Management Statement (CMS), Architectural Code and City Quarter Rules are available in PDF format below:

Architectural Code  - Schedule 1Architectural and Landscape Standards

The Architectural and Landscape Standards adopted by the community association in accordance with its 
community management statement are referred to and form part of the Community Management Statement (CMS)
in respect of the 
City Quarter Community Scheme DP 270241.

City Quarter Rules  

Rules governing the use of all common areas and facilities (pools & Gyms) of the City Quarter Community Association DP270241      

In addition to its powers under the Act, the Community Association has the power to make Rules about the control, management, operation, use and enjoyment of City Quarter. In particular, the Community Association may make Rules about using Community Property facilities - including pools, gyms and lawn areas (by-law 51.1).