Gyms are for the exclusive use of
City Quarter Residents Only.

Maximum of 12 persons at any one time. Physical Distancing to be adhered to at all times. 
Not all equipment will be available. (see notice on Gym entrance for further restrictions) 

Gyms are open daily between 5:30am and 11:00pm

Outdoor Complex is located adjacent to the Trio Buildings in Sterling Circuit (upper).

Indoor Complex is located 
within the Alexandra Building opposite the Village Green

  • The Gyms are for the exclusive use of City Quarter residents, Guests and non-residents are not permitted 
    to use the Gym Equipment.
  • Children under the age of sixteen (16) years are not permitted to use gym equipment.
  • You must bring a personal towel and wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Appropriate clothing and soft soled shoes must be worn at all time when using gym equipment.
  • No glass or breakable products, alcohol, food, or pets are to be taken into the gym area.
  • No smoking or use of prohibited substances in the gym area.
  • Exercise equipment must not be moved or relocated.
  • Gym areas must not be used to conduct commercial personal training sessions or exercise classes.
  • Failure to comply with City Quarter Rules and By-laws may result in your access to these facilities being withdrawn.

see full City Quarter Rules  (Pools, Gyms and Common Property)

City Quarter is patrolled by onsite Security Guards 24/7 - Security 0403 593 378