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Please always provide your unit number and street address when booking a taxi. 

Sterling Circuit street signs have been labelled Upper and Lower, referring to the landscape.
Upper and lower only exist on the street signs and are not on any maps like google maps etc. 

Upper Sterling Cct is at the top of the hill (southern end on Pyrmont Bridge Road) where Vie 1, 2 and Trio are located.

Lower Sterling Cct is where Altro (No. 7) and Terraces (No. 9) are located.

Local Taxi Cabs 

Silver Service        Ph   1300 489 868        https://silverservicesydney.com.au/

Premier Taxis        Ph   13 10 17               https://www.premiercabs.com.au/

13CABS                Ph:  13 22 27               https://www.13cabs.com.au/?location=Sydney