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Individual car spaces are allotted on title and therefore may not be available for all residents.

If you do not have a parking space allotted with your apartment occasionally there are private spaces for rent.

On-street Parking

Residents are asked not to park on the street, footpath or the grass area adjacent to Altro and Vie 5, in areas marked No Stopping and in general outside of any bays. One bay outside Venables is marked as Car Share only and other vehicles must not park in the space.

Council rangers regularly patrol this street and are regularly fining cars illegally parked in our community. It is an offence to park on the footpath and it creates a serious hazard to pedestrians by blocking the pathways.  Drivers have found it difficult and dangerous to negotiate through areas where cars have been parked illegally.

The illegal parking also damages the common property e.g. tyre marks have scarred the footpath, broken bollards and oil leaks that need to be cleaned off professionally. All of this is unnecessary expenditure which adds to annual levies.

You may also wish to park outside the community adjacent to Altro and Trio on Booth Street and in the smaller side street (Guihen St) near Coates Hire.

Furniture moving trucks are generally not booked. They should be left with hazard lights on and street cones around them where possible.