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(from top-left clockwise on the perimeter)

ab Altro (blue) 7 Lower Sterling Cct
ag Altro (green) 7 Lower Sterling Cct
v5 Vie 5 8 Alexandra Dr
v4 Vie 4 6 Alexandra Dr
aq  Aquilon 4 Alexandra Dr
t Terraces 9 Lower Sterling Cct (subject to renumbering)
e Etage 10 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
v Venables 20 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
a Alexandra 30 Pyrmont Bridge Rd (housing the Alexandra Pool and Gym)
v1 Vie 1 2 Upper Sterling Cct
ts Trio South 1 Upper Sterling Cct (access also from Booth St)
tc Trio Central    3 Upper Sterling Cct (easy access from Booth St)
tn Trio North 5 Upper Sterling Cct (easy access from Booth St)

(in the middle of our community)

v2 Vie 2 4 Upper Sterling Cct
v3 Vie 3 1 Alexandra Dr
vg  Village Green lawn with original jacaranda tree
b Boulevard stairs and lawn between Upper and Lower Sterling Cct (adjacent to the Trio Pool)

The Outdoor Pool and Gym are accessed from the walkway to Trio Central and North entrances near the cul-de-sac of Upper Sterling Cct.