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common property

Common property falls into two categories; areas within the individual Owners Corporations and areas of the Community Association.

The Community Association common property includes some areas that have been designated as public space by our local government, publicly accessible as required in the original Development Application, and Free Parking with regards to the roads of the City Quarter. The latter refers to the agreement the Community has with the Council in order for Council Rangers to patrol and enforce parking restrictions.

The main Community common property includes:

  • The Trio pool and gym
  • The Alexandra pool and gym
  • The Village Green lawns and surrounds between Vie 2, Vie 3 and the Alexandra pool
  • The Boulevard area between Upper and Lower Sterling Circuit between Trio and Vie 2
  • Gardens and landscaping not within an individual strata plan
When using the facilities that are common property, use common sense and be aware of any regulations. See the relevant pages for more information.