Executive Committee

Our Community Association is comprised of the eleven member strata schemes in City Quarter. Each member strata has a proxy appointed to represent the owners at the community level. These appointments are usually made at the Annual General Meeting of each strata.

The Community Association holds an Annual General Meeting where the Executive Committee is elected. Only the appointed proxies may vote at this meeting. The elected executive committee meet quarterly to discuss community matters and manage affairs. In practice, all eleven proxies attend each meeting and consensus is sought across the majority of the community on all issues, however only nine representatives may be elected. 

Each strata scheme also appoints a sub-representative, or backup person, to attend meetings when the proxy is unavailable.

As with all meetings, owners and tenants can attend but may only speak when invited to do so. The best way to raise a matter for discussion at the Community Association meetings is to first speak to members of your strata schemes, strata committee (or speak with your strata manager).

Appointed Proxies to Our Community Association

The elected Executive Committee members are denoted by an asterisk (*).

Alexandra * Sam Vicaretti   
Altro      Jill Morrow
Aquilon   * Ken Saville
Etage      Rachel Choit 
Terraces * Anoop Lad
Trio North  * Bonita Croft    
Trio Central           * Helena Tonkin 
Trio South * Alexandra Moody 
Venables* Gill Roberts

Vie 1, 2 & 3  * David Rowe 
Vie 4 & 5    Raymond  Palmer

The managing agent for the City Quarter Community Association is Toni French from Lamb and Walters: toni@lambandwalters.com.au

The community associations facilities are managed by Andrew Sorbello - Greencliff Facilities Management: cityquarterca@greencliff.com.au

Representatives from both of the above are normally in attendance at meetings.

Want to get involved?

Make sure you stay informed and become aware of calendar for meetings of your strata scheme strata committee. To join your strata committee make sure you turn up to your strata scheme's annual general meeting and nominate yourself.