Community Association

Community Association
The Community Association (CA) is the first level of management of the City Quarter, exercising umbrella control over CA common property and Strata Schemes. 
The CA Deposited Plan 270241 is registered with the NSW Land Registry Service. 

The CA owns a number of Common Property Lots within the precinct including roads, lawns, landscaped areas, pools and gyms.

Services managed by the CA included the provision of security services, cleaning, gardening and maintenance of the facilities including the pools, gyms, walkways, Village Green, the Boulevard and Sterling Circuit.

The CA also reviews all façade changes and changes to the Architectural Code for each strata, for example air-conditioning systems installation requests, garden planting standards and schedules of finishes, to ensure that all buildings are kept in a presentable manner and, as far as possible, maintain a consistent design theme. 

The CA maintains contracts with on-site security providers, cleaners, gardeners, pool servicing specialists, gym equipment servicing specialists as well as our Facilities Managers and Managing Agent. The CA enters into agreements with the local government, for example in relation to parking and animal rangers. The CA may also lobby to protect the interests of lot owners and occupants.

The eleven Strata Schemes within the City Quarter precinct make up the membership of the CQ Community Association. 

CA Executive Committee
The CA's Executive Committee has a maximum of nine members who are elected from the nominated representatives of the
eleven strata scheme at the Community Association's Annual General Meeting. Strata Schemes nominate a CA representative
at their strata schemes 
own Annual General Meeting to represent their strata at the Community Association. 
Individual lot owners are not members of the Community Association. 

In practice, all nominated proxy members of the executive committee meet at least quarterly to discuss and make decisions regarding the overall management of the CA and the community. This includes management of CA matters, considering applications from Strata Schemes and Lot Owners for changes or alterations affecting the external appearance of buildings, landscaping, air conditioning etc. breaches of the CMS and CA Rules etc. Meetings are attended by our Managing Agent, and Facilities Manager.  The residents are welcome to attend and may be invited to speak.

More information about Community Schemes is available from the NSW Office of Fair Trading and in their brochure.